Restyling and new brand identity, with guidelines, for this school and office supplies brand.

  • Areas

    Restyling logo
    Brand identity
    Brand guidelines
    Packaging Design
    Digital Imaging

  • Teamwork

    ART DIRECTOR: Biagio Di Stefano, Antonio Imparato


Modernize the brand and communicate the company's values: the office of those who use Be Smart products is the most colorful place on the planet.

A suggestive and enchanting symbol reminiscent of the strokes left when testing a brush before starting the actual work. For beSmart, the concept of ‘yacamoz’ was idealized, which in Turkish refers to the reflection of the moon on the sea.
The logo, in small dimensions, has been applied to pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, and other stationery and office materials. The project also involved creating packaging for school products.

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