Scuola Comics

Restyling of the logo with guidelines for various headquarters and a new academic website.

  • Areas

    Restyling logo
    Brand Identity
    UX Design
    UI Design

  • Teamwork

    ART DIRECTOR: Biagio Di Stefano
    UI/UX DESIGNERS: Biagio Di Stefano, Antonio Imparato
    DEVELOPERS: Mario Xalfa, Antonio Imparato


Standardize the communicative style of the academies in Italy and abroad with a new brand identity and a new website.

Restyling of the “Scuola Internazionale di Comics” logo, established since 1979, with the creation of a brand manual and guidelines. The logo has been modernized and simplified, incorporating new concepts related to comics and visual communication, using geometric principles like the golden ratio. Design of the new website, including UI/UX design for both front end and back end.

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