Logo and brand identity with brand manual, UI guidelines, and ecommerce website.

  • Areas

    Brand identity
    Graphic Design
    Editorial Design
    UI Design

  • Teamwork

    ART DIRECTOR: Biagio Di Stefano
    GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Biagio Di Stefano


Humart specializes in creating creative objects and artworks made from recycled materials. Additionally, a series of posters has been designed for the launch of the brand.

The monogram represents the combination of the letters ‘H’ and ‘A’, as the naming derives from a fusion of the words ‘human’ and ‘art’. The geometric construction leads to a perception of three-dimensionality with references to the theme of the impossible object, which fits well with the works marketed by the brand. The posters, used for both print and social networks, feature the wonderful artworks created from discarded materials.

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