Visual identity for the new myPOS store in Naples, landing pages, store setup, LED wall, taxi advertising, promotional material for print and social networks.

  • Areas

    Graphic Design
    Digital Imaging
    UX Design
    UI Design

  • Teamwork

    ART DIRECTOR: Biagio Di Stefano
    GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Biagio Di Stefano, Giorgia Bozzoni
    PROJECT MANAGER: Simone Pica
    AGENCY: Lemon (


Creating an attractive graphic style using the brand identity elements of the brand.

For the new opening of the store in Naples, myPOS has created the campaign “Cca nisciuno è fesso” (Here, nobody is a fool), for brand awareness and customer acquisition. The project included billboard campaigns, taxi branding, communication materials, landing pages, and LED walls. Activities managed on behalf of Lemon agency.

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